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Make sure to check out our FAQs below our pricing, as this may help us to answer any questions you might have. 
Please also check out our Terms and Conditions of your booking.







Full Day





Welcoming your guests and they find their seat for your ceremony

Custom songs for your aisle entrance and exit 

Signing of the registry and photo opportunity 

Drinks reception to entertain your guests 

Daytime package (welcoming your guests, aisle entrance & exit, registry signing)

Drinks reception to entertain your guests

Welcoming you and your guests into your wedding breakfast  

45 minute live music 

Announcement for your cake cutting and gathering of guests

Custom first dance

45 minute live music 

Daytime Package

Evening Package

Background music playing when we aren't performing (during wedding breakfast, in between sets) 

Use of our gear if required, for announcements and speeches


All of our packages include a minimum of 2 custom songs to learn for your wedding date - (it keeps us learning new tracks, and it means you have songs that really mean something to you!) 

We're happy to be flexible, whether that means moving from your ceremony to your drinks reception, waiting for the weather to decide where we set up, or adjusting one of our packages for you. 

To book with us, we take a non-refundable booking fee. This is based on the travel to your venue which is in addition to our performance fees. 

We perform the majority of our weddings around the Nottingham, Derby and Leciestershire area - we're familiar with many of the wedding venues and will personally liaise with them to discuss details, set up and send over insurance documents. 

But we'll discuss all of these details and many more once we've had a chat on the phone - send us an enquiry and we'll give you a call! 


We can professionally record, mix and master one of the songs performed at your wedding in its own unique way - perfect for wedding videos, anniversary gifts, or just for the memories.


1 song £100

2 songs £150

3 songs+ contact for pricing

F A Q's

I wan't something that isn't included in your packages - Does that mean you can't perform at our wedding?

Not at all. We believe that we are really great at tailoring days specifically for what you're looking for. If you would like to build your own custom package, just let in touch and we will make something that works specifically for you. 

Do you offer a DJ service?

If you would like to hire our sound system to play your music through, this is something that we can do on a custom-request basis. We however, do not provide disco lighting. Please get in touch for a tailored quote. 

Do we need to pay travel expenses?

Travel is charged at 45p per mile, as per HMRC guidelines. Your travel expenses also act as your deposit to secure the date.

Would you be able to play during our meal?

We've now added a whole package for this! Please keep in mind, i

Do you sing the same songs in the daytime package as you do in the evening?

No. We do not perform the same songs in the different sets (unless of course this is something that is specifically requested, for example if there is a special song you would like performed twice.) The afternoon will be a mellow, chilled-out vibe, and in the evening we'll be convincing your guests to join us on the dance floor!

What deposit do you take to secure our day?

Your travel expenses for the day will act as your deposit and will ensure that we secure the date for you. Alternatively, if there are no travel expenses to pay, this will be 20% of your overall fee. 

How do we book you?

Please get in touch via our contact us page.
Please fill in as much information as you can, and we will reply to you at our earliest convenience.

Please also make sure you have read our terms and conditions. A copy of these will be emailed to you, attached to your contract.

Once the deposit has been made we will secure your date. 
If you have a quick question you'd like answering, please feel free to use our chat service on the right hand side of our page, or pick up the phone and give us a call.

When does the final balance need to be paid by?

The final balance would need to be paid up to 7 days before the wedding. Please do not pay your balances more than 30 days prior to your event. 

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